Cool Canteen Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Sports Water Bottles

Cool Canteen: Insulated Water Bottles

Made from High Quality Stainless Steel, And Featuring A Vacuum Insulated Design, Our Sports Water Bottles Will Keep Your Drinks Cold For Up To 24 Hours! On Top Of That, These Bottles Do Not Gather Condensation On The Outside Of The Bottle, Keeping Your Surfaces Clean and Dry!


I've been using this product for several weeks now and am very satisfied with with it. First off, the price is very affordable and on the lower end compared to similar products. Second, it works extremely well. I can put ice in it and have cold water all throughout the day. It also keeps the water from heating up if I leave it room temperature. I can leave this bottle filled in my car and the next day it will still be cold. This bottle is a great value for the price and how well it Works.

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I'm very happy with this bottle. I have Takeya 40oz, which is 4 times the cost, and they're quality is identical. I'm going to buy this again when I need another one. Keeps my coffee hot for hours. Love it.

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Great product! It works just as well as the brand name water bottles but at less than half the price. I love that it comes with 3 lids as well, especially the straw lid. I got the lime green one and it looks great!

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Perfect size! Very durable and leak-proof!!! Filled mine with ice and water, after leaving it in my car (from noon, overnight till 8am) it still had ice and super cold water! Definitely a must, especially in AZ where we still have 100+ temperatures in the evening. Excellent price, too! Absolutely love my Cool Canteen!!

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Each Bottle Includes These 3 Lids!

Straw Lid: Flip out Straw top with attachable straw for easy drinking!

Sports Lid: Sports cap that screws open and closed, perfect for sports and recreation!

Classic Thermos Lid: Stainless steel screw on sealed top featuring a bendable loop for attachment to the bottle neck. This ensures it doesn't fall off while opening!

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